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Workshop on Technology Transfer in China: From an Overview to Concrete Experiences

Začiatok: 13. 06. 2019 09:15

Koniec: 15. 06. 2019 00:00

Typ podujatia: Workshop

Organizátor: ENRICH

Miesto konania: Workshop

Štát: Belgicko

ENRICH in China is organising a Workshop entitled “Technology Transfer in China: From an Overview to Concrete Experiences” that will take place on June 13th in Brussels, Belgium.


This workshop intends to provide a general overview of key aspects on the Chinese context for technology transfer. It will provide valuable information and insights on China’s technology transfer performance, actors and main drivers and challenges, and address directly linked topics such as intellectual property rights, internationalization aspects and co-incubation opportunities, finalizing with concrete experiences of technology transfer on the fields of smart cities and sustainable urbanisation. On top of this, the Workshop will count with the presence of high level speakers with a very relevant insight on the Chinese market, such as Tsinghua University.


You can find more information in the flyer below, in the agenda (in attachment) and in our website here:

Deadline: 22.5.2019

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