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ETNA2020 Brokerage Event and InCo Workshop @ TRA2018

Začiatok: 16. 04. 2018 09:00

Koniec: 19. 04. 2018 16:30

Typ podujatia: Brockerage event

Organizátor: Austrian ministry of Transport

Miesto konania: Brockerage event

Štát: Rakúsko

From the 16th to the 19th April 2018 the TRA 2018 ( will take place in Vienna. The event, covering all modes of transport: Road, Rail, Waterborne, Aviation, Cross-modal, ecc., will include a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities, which will range from basic research to application-oriented engineering, social, technical and economic aspects, as well as policies and standards. In the context of TRA2018, ETNA2020 in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network organises a 3-day Brokerage Event (17-18-19 April 2018) and a Workshop on International cooperation (18 April 2018) where the mechanisms of the Inco-flagship twinning in H2020 projects will be discussed.


During the BE, organisations looking for partners for the calls 2019 of the Transport Work Programme will have the opportunity to present themselves and their project ideas in 2 different ways:

1.            In the form of a brief oral presentation (3 minutes max.), using templates specially designed for this purpose.

2.            By participating in bilateral meetings (max. 20 minutes).




For further details and for registration:

ATTENTION: Registration to TRA Conference 2018 is a pre-requisite for participation in the ETNA2020 BE.


TRA 2018 received a high number of abstracts which all underwent a defined review process. Authors of accepted abstracts were invited to submit their full papers by 2nd October 2017 using the TRA 2018 paper template which can be found here. Papers should have been submitted via the Conference Management Tool ConfTool.

Once full papers have successfully passed the review process, authors will be informed to provide either an oral presentation or a poster to TRA 2018.

TRA 2018 paper submission is concluded.

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