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Sympózium: Integrating eHealth into Public Healthcare Systems

Začiatok: 16. 01. 2019 09:00

Koniec: 16. 01. 2019 16:30

Typ podujatia: Sympózium

Organizátor: Public Policy Exchange

Miesto konania: Sympózium

Štát: Belgicko

This International Symposium will therefore provide a timely opportunity for practitioners and stakeholders to discuss the latest developments and consider ways of overcoming challenges to improve eHealth services across Europe and to gain more understanding of EU actions in the sector. Public Policy Exchange welcomes the participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders. The symposium will support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debates.

Delegates will:

  • Assess the Commission’s latest actions to support the eHealth sector
  • Explore the development of the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (HDSI) and its goals
  • Analyse the European electronic health record exchange initiative and explore EU financing instruments, such as the European Structural and Investment Funds
  • Assess the EU Code of conduct on privacy for mHealth apps, including the recently proposed rules on certification for cyber security requirements
  • Consider how to strengthen partnerships between app developers and traditional healthcare companies
  • Assess contemporary digitisation initiatives and make suggestions for future development strategies
  • Debate ways of facilitating investment opportunities in Member States and regions for the large-scale deployment of digitally-enabled care programs
  • Examine local engagement in healthcare digitisation and develop a framework for leaders developing local plans
  • Promote collaboration on digital development between the public healthcare systems, local authority teams, the third sector, suppliers, managers and other relevant stakeholders
  • Scrutinise the reliability of medical information provided through mHealth apps
  • Gain knowledge on the interoperability of mHealth services




09:15 Registration and Morning Refreshments
10:00 Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

Taking stock of the EU initiatives to support the E-health sector

  • Analysing EU initiatives in the eHealth sector within the framework of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy
  • Understanding the eHealth Digital Infrastructure, its mission, priorities and future challenges
  • Recommendations for Future Policy Actions
10:40 First Round of Discussions
11.10 Morning Coffee Break

Advancing and Harmonizing Digital Public Services  

  • Assessing ways of expanding the existing eHealth digital services infrastructure
  • Exploring the European electronic health record exchange format
  • Knowing about the EU finance instruments for the deployment of interoperable electronic health records
12:00 Second Round of Discussions
12.30 Networking Lunch

Protecting Data: Protecting digital healthcare consumers and patients

  • Ensuring a secure exchange of cross-border health data for research and public health purposes across the EU
  • Enabling an effective quality labelling and certification of electronic health systems
  • Improving the partnership between app developers and traditional health companies
14.00 Third Round of Discussions
14:30 Afternoon Coffee Break

The role of Digital Tools for Person-centered care, and Innovation for Ageing and Chronic diseases

  • The use of technology in treatment of mental disorders
  • Monitoring patients through the use of e-health technology
  • Evaluating the impact of the new medical devices regulation on Mobile Health
  • Encouraging digital skills training
15.20 Fourth Round of Discussions
15:50 Chair’s Summary and Closing Remarks
16.00 Networking Reception and Refreshments
16.30 Symposium Close

** Please note that the programme and speakers are subject to change without notice **

Who Should Attend?

  • Health Professionals
  • Digital Transformation Leads
  • Digital Officers and Managers
  • ICT Project Managers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Public Health Authorities
  • European Organisations
  • European Institutions
  • National Governmental Organisations
  • Local Governmental Organisations
  • Health Insurers
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hospital Staff
  • Social Services
  • Health Promotion Advisers
  • Medical Associations
  • Employers’ Organisations
  • Public Health Unions
  • Health Research Institutes
  • International Centres for Health Protection
  • Health Networks
  • Patient Associations
  • Charitable Foundations
  • Associations of Schools of Public Health
  • Health Forums
  • Natural Medicine Associations
  • Associations of Hospital Managers
  • Hospital Pharmacists Associations
  • Legal Health Professionals
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Local Authority Officers and Councilors 
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Health and Wellbeing Board Members

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