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Space Week 2017

Začiatok: 21. 11. 2017 09:15

Koniec: 23. 11. 2017 18:00

Typ podujatia: Konferencia

Organizátor: APRE

Miesto konania: Konferencia

Štát: Taliansko

THE SPACE WEEK in Italy – 2017


APRE, in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency, with the support of the COSMOS 2020 project (Horizon 2020 SPACE NCPs network) and Enterprise Europe Network, is pleased to invite you at the SPACE week 2017.


The event that has reached the 3rd edition, will take place from the 21st  to the 23rd  of November 2017 and will be hosted by the Italian Space Agency.


Space sector has been identified by European Commission as a main driver for innovation and competitiveness for citizens’ service in line with three imperatives:

  • Societal: because space-based technologies and applications benefit citizens’ lives,
  • Economic: for augmenting knowledge and driving innovation, and
  • Strategic: for furnishing Europe with assets and capabilities to Europe.


This edition of the SPACE week in Italy will be particularly focused on:

  • the new space Horizon 2020 work programme and possible consortia for the upcoming 2018-2020 space calls;
  • the European Commission’s flagships Copernicus and Galileo;
  • research/technological opportunities under Horizon 2020/Copernicus and Galileo also for international countries partners/stakeholders;



From the 21st to the 23rd of November 2017



Italian Space Agency – Rome – Italy



The event will be aimed to universities, research centers, industry, SMEs and SME associations, local administrations with the view of providing new opportunities and competitive advantages for the participants and offering strategic networking opportunities.


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