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Joint Conference of the 7th International Symposium on Physical Sciences in Space (ISPS-7) & 25th European Low Gravity Research Association Biennial Symposium and General Assembly (ELGRA-25)

Začiatok: 02. 10. 2017 09:01

Koniec: 06. 10. 2017 18:01

Typ podujatia: Konferencia

Organizátor: ESA

Miesto konania: Konferencia

Štát: Francúzsko

The International Symposium on Physical Sciences in Space (ISPS) coordinated by the International  Microgravity Science Strategic Planning Group (IMSPG)* is an international and interdisciplinary scientific forum to foster international research projects by sharing research results and plans for physical sciences. The IMSPG seeks to synergise and coordinate the utilisation of space for research in physical sciences by space agencies worldwide. 
This 7th ISPS symposium is jointly organized by ESA (European Space Agency) and ELGRA (European Low Gravity Research Association).  

ISPS-7 & ELGRA-25  will take place from 2-6 October, 2017 at the Conference Centre of Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, France.

ELGRA is a non-profit international society of multidisciplinary character devoted to the promotion of European research in microgravity, simulated microgravity and hyper-gravity conditions. ELGRA is an association for all scientists interested in life and physical sciences in space.

The joint  ISPS-7 and ELGRA-25 symposium is the major international scientific forum for researchers in physical and life sciences utilising the space environment, in particular microgravity. It is intended to inspire and encourage cross-cutting discussions between different scientific communities working in the same environment. Contributions are solicited discussing results of experiments carried out on drop towers, parabolic aircraft  flights, sounding rockets, unmanned recoverable capsules and, last but not least, the International Space Station ISS. Research areas include Physical Sciences, Biology, Human Physiology and interdisciplinary projects. In addition, instrumentation for experiments in space will also be discussed.

In order to stimulate discussions, parallel sessions will be limited to a minimum, and a number of key note lectures are planned to present an overview of and an introduction to latest advances in the field.

In addition to oral presentations, a special emphasis will be given to posters. Dedicated poster sessions will provide ample time for in-depth discussions of their contents with interested colleagues.

* IMSPG is an interagency meeting organized by the ISS (International Space Station) partner agencies. The IMSPG seeks to synergise and coordinate the utilisation of space for research in physical sciences by space agencies worldwide. AEB (Brazil), ASI (Italy), CNES (France), CSA (Canada), DLR (Germany), ESA (Europe), JAXA (Japan), NASA (USA), NSAU (Ukraine) and RSA (Russia) are members and CNSA (China) and ISRO (India), as well as other countries are also invited to join IMSPG meetings.

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