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Future of Transport 2017

Začiatok: 06. 12. 2017 08:30

Koniec: 06. 12. 2017 18:00

Typ podujatia: Konferencia

Organizátor: Forum Europe

Miesto konania: Konferencia

Štát: Belgicko



Last chance to join over 200 EU policymakers, representatives from industry, national and local governments, and NGOs at the 3rd Future of Transport conference!


Topics include:

  • An immediate update from the European Commission following the 5 December EU Council meeting
  • The latest industry and policy-making prospects, especially in the context of Europe on the Move initiative
  • Concrete solutions and innovations towards the decarbonisation of the transport sector and the development of alternative fuel types
  • The challenges facing governments, industry and society in the shift towards greater electrification of the transport sector
  • Technology and the development of new freight and passenger transport solutions​

Join us on 6 December at the BMW Brand Store in Brussels to be part of the discussion that shapes the future of transportation in Europe.

​​Registration is free for EU institutional representatives – book your place today!​

Costs and conditions can be found here.

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