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12 International congress in Innovations in Coronary artery disease

Začiatok: 15. 10. 2017 09:00

Koniec: 17. 10. 2017 17:00

Typ podujatia: Kongres

Organizátor: ICCAD

Miesto konania: Kongres

Štát: Taliansko

The Organizing Committee takes great pleasure in inviting you to participate in ICCAD 2017 – the 12th International Congress on Innovations in CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE – from Prevention to Intervention.
Venice ICCAD will follow the format of the very successful previous ICCAD meetings and will provide a comprehensive bench to bedside update on coronary artery disease in all its aspects.

The scientific program of ICCAD 2017 is being planned with the collaboration and endorsement of the ESC Working Group for Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy and other prestigious groups. Keynote lectures will be delivered by a distinguished international faculty, while a large number of selected free communications will report new data from basic research laboratories and clinical centers around the globe.

The ICCAD program will include sessions on basic research, stem cell research and myocardial repair, vascular biology and clinical cardiology. We will also dedicate sessions to new advances in pharmacotherapy, especially to the current challenges in antithrombotic and antiplatelet therapy and to the new drugs in lipidology and diabetes which may so dramatically change the outcome and improve the prognosis. We will also discuss the latest news in interventional cardiology, stents and strategies, including the challenge of concomitant carotid and peripheral vascular disease, the rapidly expanding field of valvular interventions, and the role of the heart team and surgical management of coronary and cardiovascular disease.

We look forward very much to welcoming you to ICCAD 2017 – the 12th International Congress on Innovations in CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE – in the beautiful and romantic city of Venice in October 2017.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: July 18, 2017


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