Rámcový program


Wroclaw University (Poland) is looking for partners to join a consortium.

WUELS as a member of  international group is applying for “ Framework contract for evaluations of the CAP measures contributing to the general objective of sustainable management of natural resources and climate action” (TENDER N°AGRI-2015-EVAL-02).  We are looking for experts who have experience in evaluating CAP and could support us in the fields listed in the attached Table (see below).  The candidates should also speak one or more of the following languages: Romanian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Latvian, Lithuanian.






Topics regarding the effects of the measures studied on agricultural and forestry activities

(effects of climate/environmental matters on agri/forestry activities)


–        drivers of agricultural production (may include factors such as market developments, income, financial support or regulatory framework)

–        farmers’ adaptations to these drivers

–        the impact of the measures studied on farmers’ behavior

The analysis should isolate the impact of the measures studied, which could take the form of:

–        changes in farming/forestry systems and technology

–        changes in organization and management of farms/forests (e.g. changes in scale, specialization, intensity of production)

–        changes in geographical distribution of production or production systems (e.g. concentration or marginalization of production in certain European regions)

–        changes in output from agriculture

–        changes in land use, land abandonment

Where relevant, attention should be paid to specific farming systems, such as organic or high nature value farming (“HNV”), or farming in areas under natural constraints/mountains.


Topics regarding the environmental/climate effects of the measures studied

(Effects of the measure on clima and envi)


Topic: biodiversity (fauna and flora)

Sub-questions may examine:

–         species: diversity, abundance

–         habitats: location, extent, characteristics, network effects

–         semi-natural habitats like those managed under HNV-farming

–         landscape variety

–         genetic resources in agricolture

–         genetic resources in forestry

Topic: water (surface- and groundwater)

Sub-questions may examine:

–        quality (parameters such as content of nitrates, pesticides)

–        quantity (water abstraction and losses, transport, resilience to flooding)

Topic: soil quality and erosion

Sub-questions may examine:

–        soil quality (parameters such as nutrient content and mobilisation, fertility, humification/humus balance, structure and compaction, water retention capacity, content of damaging substances, residues of pesticides)

–        soil erosion (by wind and water)

Topic: climate/air

Sub-questions may examine:

–        mitigation: contribution to reduction of GHG-emissions, carbon sinks

–        adaptation: resilience of agricultural production to climate changes

–        air quality


Contact: magdalena.ornatowska@up.wroc.pl ; dominika.mankowska@up.wroc.pl