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The Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – looking for partners

Ukrajinský Plynárenský inštitút hľadá partnerov pre výzvy programu Horizont 2020.

Viac informácií je dostupných v anglickom jazyku.

We are the Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Institute has a leading position in Ukraine in different fields of sciences, such as:

  • technical thermal physics and industrial heat and power engineering;
  • metallurgical heat engineering and cogeneration;
  • industrial ecology;
  • physicochemical basis and mathematical modeling of combustion processes;
  • plasma technology;
  • technology for inorganic materials processing;
  • physics and chemistry of carbon nanomaterials, new functional materials.

Scientific departments of the institute:

1. Department of natural gas processing and transport.

2. Department of atmospheric air protection from pollution.

3. Department of combustion processes.

4. Department of gas-thermal processes.

5. Department of layer processes.

6. Department of industrial heating engineering.

7. Department of plasma technology.

We initiated the preparation of some project proposals to participate in the competition for funding under the European Commission’s Program Horizon 2020. Now we are looking for partners to create the consortium, prepare the design document and participate in the competition for funding.

In connection with the foregoing, we ask your help in soliciting the cooperation of people and organizations of your country who are working on similar problems. We will be very grateful for the dissemination of our invitations to cooperation among relevant professional institutions. List of our project ideas in СORDIS is here: https://cordis.europa.eu/partners/web/ingaskiev/partnership-requests