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International Astronautical Congress 2015 – Jerusalem


  • Začiatok
    12.10.2015, 09:00
  • Koniec
    16.10.2015, 16:00
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The IAC is one of the world’s largest space congresses, bringing together international space actors from around the globe. The conference offers the latest space information, developments and above all contacts and potential partnerships and is organised by the IAF – the International Astronautical Federation.

The IAC is the platform by which over 40 administrative and technical committees support the Federation in its mission to advance knowledge about space and to foster the development of space assets by facilitating global cooperation.

The conference will held a Brokerage event, organized by the EEN with the participation of ISERD. The Brokerage event offers an excellent opportunity to find research and business contacts, as well as partners for future EU projects. It is aimed at industrial and academic professionals who are looking for potential partners for collaboration and joint projects.