Rámcový program

Konferencia: Boosting Innovation Through Standards


On 13 November 2019 at The Square, Brussels, we are organizing a major European Conference: Boosting Innovation Through Standards (‚Your Gateway To The Market‘).

This is a high-level 1-day event with the intention to gather 350+ participants, predominantly from the research and innovation community to further strengthen interfaces and connections between innovators and researchers and the standardization community. The overall aim of this engagement is boosting the market uptake of innovation and research outcomes, using standardization as enabler.

We are well aware of the key role of NCPs in advising and supporting research organisations and enterprises at European level, particularly within Horizon 2020 and other programmes. The Horizon 2020 programme covered the entire research-innovation cycle and this will continue under the upcoming Horizon Europe. Standardization will remain an important mechanism to increase the impact of the projects. Therefore, we dedicated a session in our conference to NCPs and other multipliers to discuss with them the benefits of considering standardization in R&I projects and provide information and key messages that they can pass to their members, customers and stakeholders.

This session “Standards + Multipliers” offers:

  • an insight into good practices from EU-Projects, NCPs and Standardisation bodies
  • a discussion about challenges and potential cooperation improvements between NCPs and standardisation bodies; potential additional needs with regard to Horizon Europe will be discussed
  • learnings from good practices, exchange possibilities with NCPs and standardization experts as well as other multipliers on how to be best prepared for the future

Please find more information about the conference programme and speakers in the conference webpage:  www.cen-cenelec-innovationconference.eu

Registration is open now and we would like to invite you to register and spread the news among your community.