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Institute for Research in Social Communication


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    Theory and practice of including marginalized children and young people in education and social life. In spite of the current political and professional efforts at school and social inclusion, a significant part of children labelled as minority, marginal or disadvantaged are facing marginalizing, segregational or discriminating practices. Another topical problem is, among others, insufficient transformation of knowledge relating to an inclusion from academic sphere to practice. I deal with the transformation of knowledge relating to an inclusion from academic sphere to practice and I analyze its civic, social, psychological, and educational dimensions of inclusion marginalised children and young people. I also take care of how marginalized children and their parents manage their social situation, and how actors in the education system make it easier for them or make it difficult for them.
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    • Science with and for Society
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    Institute for Research in Social Communication, Slovak Academy fo Sciences, Slovakia
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    Institute for Research in Social Communication Slovak Academy fo Sciences was established in 1990 as a centre of basic research into complex relations between the biological, social and cultural aspects of human existence. Its focus is on communication, which is both the subject of research and its methodological framework. The research is carried out within the conceptual frameworks of social psychology and other psychological sciences (neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology, health psychology, environmental psychology), as well as systematic philosophy, history of philosophy, logic and methodology of sciences, ethics, anthropology, pedagogy and other adjacent disciplines. In August 2011, the Centre for Pedagogy Research of SAS was established within the Institute.
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    Ivan Lukšík
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