Rámcový program

Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University – Slovakia


  • Description of the expertise offered
    - Personal reflected experience of all members of team with several reforms in education and research methodology - Competence of analysis of current state, identification of the educational needs and further steps to research excellency - Competence of designing innovative education and training programmes for young people (adolescents and university students) - Competence of designing innovative training programmes for educators in the area of education and research (at secondary schools and universities), e.g. designing new university courses for raising awareness of research ethics and integrity - Experience with teaching research ethics to future scientists - Implementation of innovative methods in education across the whole university (especially service learning, e-learning, presentations) - Competence to monitor effects of implementation of innovative methods and strategies upon the chosen competences (evaluation) - Multidisciplinary (ethics, pedagogy, psychology, social work), nation-wide and comparative approach to promoting the innovative methods.
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  • Relevant work programme
    • Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies
  • Former participation in FP or other international cooperation projects
    Erasmus + project Service-learning in higher education – support the third mission of universities and of civic engagement of students .(coordinator) TRES-TN/ Erasmus No. 223105-CP-1-2005-1-SE for education and research „Theology and Religious Studies in European Societies” Operational program Education financed by the European Social Fund “Mobility - enhancing science, research and education at the Matej Bel University”, focused on Preparation of future teachers and Education – Research – Evaluation International EU Health Programme: Understanding and addressing youth sexual coercion and violence ...“as a threat to young people´s sexual health in Europe Homo Creator as social, cultural and economical issue in the XXIst Century Višegrad Fund project „High School Teacher Competence in change“
  • Organisation and country
    Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University - Slovakia
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    • Public Body
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    www.umb.sk, www.pdf.umb.sk

  • Description of the organisation
    Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica (UMB), is the leading university in Central Slovakia. It consists of 6 faculties (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations, and Faculty of Education). The University has almost 600 university teachers and researchers, and around 8,000 students. International cooperation has been rapidly developing in recent years mainly through numerous EU programmes including the Framework Programmes. Most of research projects focus on multidisciplinary research especially in the fields of socioeconomic sciences and humanities (sociocultural anthropology, sociology, economics, history, political sciences and education) and natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry and environmental sciences). Faculty of Education at Matej Bel University consists of the Educational Research Centre and 9 departments (of social work, psychology, pedagogy, andragogy, elementary and pre-school pedagogy, ethics and civic education, theology and religious education, music and fine arts education and other teaching programmes). The departmental researchers focus on research and publication activities in the field of social sciences and humanities, cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, social work institutions, primary and secondary schools and other educational and psychological institutions, participation in international research networks, and on building the connection between the academic ground and practice. Besides research activities, the mission of the Educational Research Centre is to create the quality background for submission and implementation of research and applied research projects and to interconnect researchers from different scientific areas. The researchers from the Faculty of Education have been involved in several national-wide and international projects as principal researchers or researchers.
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    Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová
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    Phone: +421907130817
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