Rámcový program

Institute of Central European Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Central European Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia


  • Description of the expertise offered
    Regarding the profile of the institution, the following research areas can be considered as priority: literary and cultural discourse, intercultural and interliterary communities, national and ethnic literatures and cultures in Central European context; methods of comparative literary and intercultural comparative studies, as well as area studies approach with an interdisciplinary overlap revealing a specific literary concept of Central Europe; interpretation of contact phenomena in Central European literatures for strengthening and reinterpretation of the knowledge on common traditions and history, blending Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Jewish, Roma traditions, re-popularization of regionalism, accenting multilingualism and common destiny in the Central European area. The participating scholars are recognized authors and lecturers of academic publications in semiotics, literary history and poetics with specialities such as queer issues, women’s and popular literature within the V4 region.
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    • Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies
    • Science with and for Society
    • Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens
    • Spreading excellence and widening participation
  • Former participation in FP or other international cooperation projects
    45s7 Action Austria – Slovakia, 2004 VF 20810269 Return of Central European Cooperation, 2008–2009 VF -N-09-105/0001-00 Visegrad School Program, 2009–2010 MAV-09-0020 Research of Cultural Heritage of Hungarian Minority in Slovakia, 2009–2010 VF 51300072 International Visegrad Fund I., 2014–2015 7443-6/2015/FEPOL Support of Higher Education in Hungarian Language at FSŠ UKF in Nitra, 2015–2016 IVF 21520208 Perspectives of Language Communication in the EU, 2016 17151-1/2017/FOKT Support of a Higher Education in Hungarian Language, 2017–2018 46075-4/2017/FOKT Makovecz Programme, 2017–2018 2016-1-BG01-KA203-023719 DigiThink: Design thinking for digital innovation (Erasmus+ Programme), 2016–2018
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    Institute of Central European Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Central European Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia
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    • Academic
    • Research institute
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  • Description of the organisation
    In line with the name of the Institute, the scientific research activity focuses on dealing with such tasks that contribute to the overall picture of the knowledge and the specifics of Central Europe, both in synchronous and diachronic perspective. It also provides a unique educational base for students of accredited BA, MA and PhD study programmes focusing on the preparation of the specialists in the field of culture, public administration, regional policy, who are able to support the development of our region.
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    • Academic
    • Research institute
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    PhDr. Ján Gallik, PhD.
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    +421 37 6408 867
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