Rámcový program

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA), Slovak Republic


  • Description of the expertise offered
    Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA) provides research and education in the field of agriculture and related research areas such as: agrobiology, food resources, sustainable agriculture, agricultural production, biotechnology, food technology, engineering of agricultural machinery and equipment, computerization and automation of agricultural equipment, operation of energy facilities on agricultural production, gardening and landscape design, economics and management, international trade in agricultural commodities, marketing, development of rural tourism, project management for rural development, lifelong learning, etc...
  • Potential Contribution to the Project Proposal
    • Research development
  • Relevant work programme
    • Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research
  • Former participation in FP or other international cooperation projects
    FP7 PROJECTS: FOODSECURE – Exploring the future of Global Food and Nutrition Security NoGAP – Knowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation, AMIGA – Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified plants on Agro-ecosystems STAR AgroEnergy – Scientific technological Advancement in research on Bioenergy AWARE – Animal Welfare Research in an Enlarged Europe TRANSFOP – Transparency of Food Pricing FACTOR MARKETS - Comparative Analysis of Factor Markets for Agriculture across the Member States NTM-IMPACT – Assessment of the Impact of non-tariff Measures NTM on the EU and Selected trade Partners AgFoodTRAde – New Issues in Agricultural, Food and Bioenergy Trade
  • Organisation and country
    Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA), Slovak Republic
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    • Academic
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  • Description of the organisation
    Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA) is consistently rated in the top group for the high quality of its teaching and research in the Slovakia. It consists of six faculties: F. of Agrobiology and Food resources; F. of Biotechnology and Food Sciences; F. of Economics and Management; F. of European Studies and Regional Development; F. of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering and F. of Engineering. SUA offers bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes and provides foreign language training, access to information and communication technologies, vocational subjects taught in foreign languages and the opportunity to complete a part of study at prestigious universities abroad. AgroBioTech research centre at SUA (opened in 2015) is focused on agrobiodiversity, plant and animal biotechnologies, genetic technologies, embryotechnologies, nutritionally significant substances of plant and animal origin and their effects on human health, the complex research of possibilities of growing, storage and energetic conversion of biomass, etc. SUA is a member of several international organisations (VUA, EUA, ICA, CASEE, DRC, ASECU, IAU, GHERA).
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    • Academic
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    • Any Country
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    Martin Valach (Mr)
  • Telephone
    +421 37 641 5082
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  • Country
    Slovak Republic