Rámcový program

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia


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    Profile: 1.) We have a model describing water infiltration and contaminant diffusion in porous medium. By inverse method we can determine physical properties – coefficients present in this model. Application: When the escape of the contaminant from waste materials occurs we can determine parameters of porous medium in which the contaminant propagates, and therefore also we can determine the evolution of contaminant propagation in given media. On this problematic we have a grant in Slovak Research and development agency (APVV) in 2010-2014. 2.) Physical properties of building porous materials. - Experimental investigation of thermophysical properties by a.) Pulse method b.) Controlled experiment – by inverse methods. - Experimental investigation of elastic properties dependent on temperature and moisture (Temperature and moisture are changed simultaneously. I accent, that commercial dilatometers have only temperature dependances). On this problematic we have a grant from Scientific Grant Agency of Ministry of Education (VEGA) in 2013-2015. - Experimental investigation of electrical and dielectric properties. 3.) Chalcogenide glasses. - The theory of transport properties of chalcogenide glasses was published (and it is being improved). - Experimental investigation of electrical and optical properties of chalcogenide glasses.
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    • Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
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    Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
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    Academic and research organisation. Faculty of Civil engineering deals with building materials. Profile of our Department of was decsribed above. We deal with heat and moisture transport in building materials.
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    RNDr. Peter Sin, PhD.
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    00 421 949 728 789
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