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  • Klaster 2: Kultúra, tvorivosť a inkluzívna spoločnosť

University of Exeter, Veľká Británia hľadá partnerov na 2 vzdelávacie projektové návrhy v rámci plánovanej výzvy HORIZON-CL2-2021-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-05: Integration of emerging new technologies into education and training


Two educational project proposals will help to demonstrate the value of integrating technologies into education and outreach for promoting equality of opportunity and for widening participation. They are based on

1) the ‘Space in Your Hands’ project: consortium and innovative outreach activities, incorporating the use of 3D printing technology to help the Visually Impaired (VI) with understanding the 3D shapes that make up our space environment, and at the same time to educate and enthuse all young people about selected topics in astronomy and space science.

2) the ‚Developing and integrating tailor-made Exeter GeoGebra applets to support quality learning and student engagement‘ project.

V prípade záujmu, kontaktujte priamo Dr. Claire Foullon (C.Foullon@exeter.ac.uk), University of Exeter alebo príslušné NCP.

31.5.2021, elz