National coordinator for the
HORIZON 2020 program

Tunisian Association for Science and Research is looking for partners

Partnership offer

  • Science with and for Society

/HORIZONT_2020/Partners_Profiles/2019/Science-with-and-for-Society-partner-search-form-2019_ATSR_Gabes.docx target=”_blank”>The Tunisian Association for Science and Research is an association that brings together professors and researchers and students from the University of Gabes, in Tunisia country.

We offer a wide experience in our national projects we worked closely with the University, the governorate, the municipality.

We are interested to work with partners in these topics:

•             Research innovation needs & skills training in PHD programs

•             Supporting research organization to implement gender equality plans.

•             Scenarios for an award/certification system for gender equality in research organizations and universities in Europe.

•             Ethics of Innovation: the challenge of new interaction modes.