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Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Info Day

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Event:                  Seminar/ Info Day – Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

Date:                   28. 2. 2018

Venue:                University of Žilina, Slovakia, Meeting room of the Scientific

                              Board, Nová menza, Vysokoškolákov 26, 010 01 Žilina



The Info Day was addressed potential applicants to the 2018 calls for project proposals under the Horizon 2020 challenge ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’. Organized jointly by the ERAdiate project at the University of Žilina & the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, the Info Day will covered the whole Work Programme 2018-2020, application procedures and legal and financial rules. The participants also had an opportunity to learn from successful Slovak beneficiaries.



/HORIZONT_2020/Doprava/2018/Doprava_28022018_-_Jakub_Simkovic.pdf target=”_blank”>Work Programme Transport 2018-20 – Jakub Šimkovič

/HORIZONT_2020/Doprava/2018/2018_02_28_H2020_Info_Day_UNIZA_-_Tatiana_Kovacikova.pptx target=”_blank”>How to prepare a successful proposal? – Tatiana Kováčiková

/HORIZONT_2020/Doprava/2018/European_Innovation_Council_-_Viera_Petrasova.pptx target=”_blank”>European Innovation Council – Viera Petrášová

/HORIZONT_2020/Doprava/2018/Financial_issues_ZA_-_Peter_Beno.pptx target=”_blank”>Financial Issues – Peter Beňo

/HORIZONT_2020/Doprava/2018/7.Succeeding-in-H2020-at-UNIZA-the-MoTiV-experience_Giuseppe-Lugano.pdf>Succeeding in H2020 at UNIZA: the MoTiV experience – Giuseppe Lugano


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