National coordinator for the
HORIZON 2020 program


Horizont 2020

We bring you visual processing of statistical comparisons of Slovak success in the Horizon 2020 program0 with relevant data across the whole program and in its individual thematic areas.

Tieto údaje uvádzame bez podrobných komentárov tak, aby sme spustili diskusiu o priestore na zlepšenie, či už zo strany štátu alebo podporných štruktúr. V publikácií tak nájdete štatistiky, ktoré sú podľa nás najpodnetnejšie na zamyslenie. Ich analýzu by sme následne radi uskutočnili s vašou pomocou v rámci formálnych i neformálnych debát na našich podujatiach.We present this data without detailed comments in order to launch a discussion about room for improvement, whether by the state or support structures. In the publication, you will find statistics that we think are the most stimulating to think about. We would then like to analyze them with your help in formal and informal debates at our events.

However, it is no secret that the Slovak Republic lags behind in drawing funds from the H2020 even in comparison with its closest neighbors, who also rank among the so-called new EU member states or EU-13 for short.

Source: EK, 31.3.2020, jas