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HORIZON 2020 program

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Horizont 2020

National Contact Points Network (NCPs) is the main support structure at national level for expert advice, guidance, practical information and assistance in all aspects of participation in Horizon 2020 for potential applicants, regardless of sector or scientific field.

The main activity of the Horizon National Office is to inform the research and innovation community about the Horizon 2020 Framework programme, as well as to support applicants of Horizon 2020 projects at each stage of project, from proposal preparation, through implementation until the end of the project. We provide all services and support in the Slovak language.

To provide information about the Framework Program, we organise:

  • Information Days,
  • Seminars,
  • Workshops,
  • Personalized consultations,
  • Demand driven events,
  • Partner search and matchmaking,
  • Customised/ personalised support in Slovak language.

If you are interested in a specialised lecture or tailor-made training, contact us via this form.

The Horizon National Office offers advice related to participation in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation in the specific Slovak conditions.

We will advise you regarding the involvement in Horizon 2020 from the very beginning up until the implementation of the project. We will help you find the right call, we will guide you through the preparation of the project proposal before the submission, and we can help you find partners for the consortium, or find answers to questions that may arise during the implementation of the project until its full completion. You will be accompanied throughout the process by the NCP responsible for the specific Horizon 2020 area.

The NCP responsible for the specified section of the H2020 is there/is set to accompany you throughout the entire process.

Based on your selected criteria, we prepare thematic overviews of projects, challenges, topics, proposals or relevant researchers in order to employ them in creating a project proposal, strategy or policy on the organizational level or on the national level.

We provide consulting services free of charge.

We provide free of charge personal consultations according to mutual agreement, by telephone or by e-mail during the entire project cycle. The consultation usually takes place in the NCP Office in the CVTI SR building or we could come to you as well.

You can consult:

  • project idea or intention,
  • call topics,
  • formation of consortia,
  • search for partner contacts,
  • financial and legal affairs,
  • ethical issues in research.

We strive for maximum flexibility and friendliness. In the Contacts section you will find the appropriate NCP contact for a specific area of interest and contact him.

Within our services, the National Contact Points can organize tailor-made seminars, courses and trainings for specific target groups (SMEs, universities, research institutions, businesses) or on specific topics (legal aspects, financial rules, ethical aspects, modalities, open access, research and innovation areas covered by several specific calls and programs, etc.).

If you intend to submit a project proposal to the current H2020 calls or you are already implementing projects and would like to train new staff who will participate in their implementation, we offer the following trainings for you:

  • work with the EC 's user portal - Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal,
  • project application preparation,
  • basic principles of reporting and reporting during and after the completion of projects,
  • opportunities to find partners for project consortia,
  • communication, dissemination and use of H2020 project outputs,
  • ... and much more which are under preparation.


If you are interested in a specialized lecture or tailor-made training for your organization, contact us via this form.

Thank you for your interest, we will contact you shortly.

The NCP network provides  project proposal screening service on the basis of a prior agreement with a potential grant applicant.

If you have written a project proposal, the relevant NCP can help you to pre-screen it before its submission if:

  • you submit a new project proposal,
  • you resubmit a project proposal that has not received funding from the EC and you already have an evaluation report for it.

Based on your selected criteria, we can draw up thematic overviews of projects, calls, topics, proposals or relevant researchers so that you can use them to set up a project proposal, strategy or policy at the organizational level or at the national level.

We provide this service free of charge.

In order to increase the quality of submitted project proposals, we are offering a new mentoring scheme. This initiative of the National Contact Points (NCPs) is focused on Horizon 2020 grant applicants who are interested in submitting a project proposal under Horizon 2020 FP.


The programme was set up to help you write a quality project; the one that will not only sound attractive or innovative, but will also maximise the number of points received and thus lead to an EC funding.


On a national level, the programme intends to boost the number of project proposals submissions and improve overall Slovak involvement in Horizon 2020.

Selected potential grant applicants will have the opportunity to work with a mentor, who will guide them through the preparation phase of the H2020 project proposal.


Could you become our next mentor?

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) is always looking to broaden its database of highly qualified experts. Mentors within our database are either former expert evaluators from previous calls or European framework programmes or they have been directly involved with any of the funded projects.

Mentors will provide applicants with their advice depending on their focus area. Their sustained feedback and suggestions should ideally improve both the content and form of the proposal.


How can you obtain one of these mentors for your project proposal?

Mentor can be obtained by any applicant that shall assume the position of a project coordinator or a principal investigator (in the case of ERC grants). National Contact Points will make a pre-screening of your project proposal and will suggest the right mentor for you according to the expert area in which you aim to apply.

You are obliged to send us your inquiry and the outline of the proposal at least 4 weeks before the deadline of a given call.