Rámcový program

Výročná prednáška DG JRC


It is a great pleasure to invite you to the Annual Lecture of DG JRC, the European Commission’s Science and Knowledge Service. It will be held during the European Week of Regions and Cities, on 10th October at 18h30 in the Bozar, Brussels.


It will tackle the rising sense of unfairness, which is felt by many EU citizens, and which is one of the factors driving the recent political turbulence in Europe.


Entitled “the science of fairness“, it will be given by two of DG JRC’s leading economic researchers, Sven Langedijk and Francesca Compolongo, who will present evidence-backed insights into the questions such as: what fairness means today; how fair is the EU; and what are the drivers of (un)fairness?


For more information, please see the enclosed flyer.


Please confirm your participation by replying to this email: JRC-Annual-Lecture@ec.europa.eu