Rámcový program

NGI Explorers – 1st open call


NGI Explorers, the European Commission Mobility Program to launch Europe’s Top Researchers and Innovators into Technology Expeditions to the United States.

Our Explorers will get on board a 3-6 month journey 100% sponsored to gain the skills and build the networks that will catalyze the success of their ambitious ideas fueled by the Next Generation Internet.

Our Focus Areas include emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and all those enablers that will drive the Digital Economy in the next 15 years.

Our 1st Open Call is ready for submissions.

I share a brief summary with relevant links, as well as our Twitter account for daily news: https://twitter.com/NGI_Explorers.

We will host a webinar next June 25th, at 11:00am (CEST).