Rámcový program

Seeking 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) for a funded ITN in the field of AGEISM


A new Marie-Curie Innovative Ph.D. Training Program (ITN) funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 is opening up in the field of ageism. The overall goal of the program is to bridge between science and policy in the field of ageism and to produce professionals who can take a variety of positions, along the science-policy continuum. We are seeking 15 excellent early stage researchers (ESRs) for a 3-year fully funded Ph.D. program in the research areas of: Psychology, sociology, social psychology, political sciences, social work, economy, clinical pharmacy, engineering, design, social networks, geography, nursing, gerontology, gender studies, labor studies, anthropology, law and related fields.


The EuroAgeism network has 15 vacancies for highly skilled Ph.D. students. Our ESRs will be enrolled in a PhD programme which is supported by unique training that provides direct experience in policy, health and social care, and multi-disciplinary research. International training schools will be held for the development of transferable skills and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between ESRs and policy stakeholders. Successful candidates will be paid a highly competitive salary for a period of three years.


The EuroAgeism consortium is a €4 million Marie Skłodowska-Curie– Innovative Training Network (ITN) – funded by the European Commission, under the H2020 program and coordinated by Bar Ilan University. The consortium is composed of academic, governmental, non-governmental, inter-governmental, and health and social care organizations. Countries involved in the consortium include Israel, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Finland, the U.K., the Netherlands and Belgium. ESRs also are expected to attend internship (secondment) in various academic and non-academic institutions, located in Ireland, the U.K., Israel, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.  For further information: Liat Ayalon: Liat.Ayalon@biu.ac.il<mailto:Liat.Ayalon@biu.ac.il>


For further information: https://blogg.hioa.no/espanet/2017/11/27/15-new-ph-d-positions-field-ageism/