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EU documents on digital transformation of health and care in the digital single market and on vaccines


The Commission Communication on “enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the digital single market; empowering citizens and building a healthier society” was adopted on 25 April 2018. It focuses on the digital aspects of health and care and one of the main pillars is related to research – Personalised medicine through shared European data infrastructure. The case is made for the need for coordination mechanisms between authorities and other stakeholders to share, at EU-level, data and infrastructure for prevention and personalised medicine research and to develop the needed building blocks that would guarantee secure access and the feasibility of cross-border data exchanges for health research purposes.

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Vaccination: Commission calls for stronger EU cooperation against preventable diseases

Today, the Commission is issuing a set of recommendations for how the EU can strengthen cooperation in the fight against diseases that can be prevented with vaccines. Vaccination saves between 1 and 3 million lives worldwide every year. According to the World Health Organisation, vaccines will save 25 million more lives in the coming decade. And yet, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, several EU countries are facing unprecedented outbreaks of measles and a resurgence of other vaccine-preventable diseases due to insufficient vaccination coverage, and children and adults in the EU are still dying from these diseases.

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